Whale watching in South Africa 

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Call Us  Today : +27(0)35 590 1259 OR

 +27(0)35 590 1180

AFTER HOURS CELL 083 487 2762   

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

GPS Co-ordinates to hippo/croc boat cruise Sunset Jetty:

-28.3716202 / 32.4130901

                                                        28 º 22 ' 17.83 " S

                                                        32 º 24' 47. 12 " E


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FOR 2014 RATES CLICK ON RIGHT HAND SIDE IMPORTANT BOX ACTIVITY LIST/RATES/TOURS  - for ONLINE availability and direct bookings click the BLUE online icon


Advantage Tours & Charters was the first KZN touring company who in 2010 applied for the FTTSA ( Fair Trade In Tourism) standard, and to comply with all the requirements by National and Provincial Government to comply to all EPA and environmental standards - vessels built under SAMSA survey, keeping in mind the comfort and safety of our clientele, 4-stroke EPA friendly engines, qualified guides who have undergone all the Passenger Endorsement practices and courses - feel safe in the hands of the Advantage Crew - and know your clients is on a boat that is a legal iSimangaliso Wetland Park concessionaire - our average monthly concession fee to iSimangaliso is R29 000-00 p/month ( increasing per annumn fees for the upliftment of the community, to upgrade Park furniture and infrastructure and employ and train people from the local disadvantaged community -

ALSO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE : www.facebook.com/stluciaadvantage ( under the album ST LUCIA - 100 reasons to be here !!!!! ) for more albums of photos on our boats, sightings, offices, clients and GPS co-ordinates and explanations - we have tried to make this facebook page as comprehensive as possible - there is PLENTY of photos and we've tried the best to explain typically what you can expect on each trip - so PLEASE kindly take a couple of minutes and log into this FB page -

ST LUCIA SOUTH AFRICA - ST LUCIA section of iSimangaliso Wetland Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cell Phone : 083 487 2762

ADVANTAGE TOURS - Thé very FIRST booking office as you enter the town of St Lucia after you have crossed the bridge, on the RIGHT hand side, corner of DOLPHIN Supermarket, next to PEP stores -


for GPS please type in ST LUCIA ESTUARY and choose CAPE VIDAL ( this will bring you the closest past our office ) - or else please just use landmarks - ST LUCIA lies 27km's to the EAST, turn off the N2 at Mtubatuba on the R618 - St Lucia is 82km's from Richardsbay, 250km's from Durban , about 600km's from Johannesburg - please allow enough traveling time - we do lately have many stop-and-goes

If unsure,please PHONE us, don't email if you want an immediate answer, we're sometimes too busy with clients and don't immediately respond to an email.

ADVANTAGE CRUISER is a very sought after hippo/croc boat cruise operator in St Lucia!! with skipper/guides themselves being very keen birdwatchers and photographers you are assured to have a very informative trip - this double deck spacious passenger ferry was custom built by Danie Bennett, in fact all the ADVANTAGE vessels has been built by Danie Bennett and his Bennett Boat Builders crew, and all our boats are built with customer SAFETY and COMFORT in mind with all the amenities you can think of to make this tour a pleasant but safe experience - our vessel is WHEELCHAIR and baby friendly, the ADVANTAGE CRUISER is the most comfortable hippo/croc cruiser.

interesting SABC TV clip - http://www.enca.com/south-africa/south-africa.top-tourism-destination

ADVANTAGE Cruiser CC is an iSimangaliso Wetland Park concession holder - approximately R29 000-00 p/month (escalating with 7,5 per annum ) is paid to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park authority in concession fee by Advantage - iSimangaliso in turn ensures the jetty , ablution facilities and jetties remains in good order and part of the fee is used to upgrade Park facilities and do skills development in the local community

PLEASE NOTE: From the end of June we will ALSO besides only in ST LUCIA, be operating out of Wilsons Wharf harbor in Durban to do whale and dolphin trips -
(Contact us in Durban on +27 (0) 35 590 1259 )

Whale watching in South Africa


Welcome to Advantage Tours and Charters…
 Best for whale watching in South Africa

Join us for an unforgettable journey in the heart of Zululand.

We are based in St Lucia section of
iSimangaliso Wetland Park,
World Heritage Site,
Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

For individual, personalized attention and service
by the co-owners, Riette & Danie Bennett and their team,
come visit us at the very first
whale watching booking office as you enter St Lucia
c/o Dolphin Supermarket / McKenzie street.

Or contact us
Website: www.advantagetours.co.za

St Lucia
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +27 (035) 590 1259. Fax: +27 (035) 5901053
Cell: 083 487 2762 (Joey)

E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Cell:  +27 (0) 35 590 1259 OR 082 519 5000

We also assist with accommodation requirements.

Not interested in whale watching?

ADVANTAGE thé most sought after HIPPO/CROC boat cruise and MOST popular activity!!
We can also arrange game reserve tours / trails /safaris / etc.

Our committed professionalism at your service!

Whale watching in South Africa with




In the words of our former President Nelson Mandela, "The Wetland Park must be the only place on the globe where the world’s oldest land mammal (the rhinoceros) and the world’s biggest terrestrial mammal (the elephant) share an ecosystem with the world’s oldest fish (the coelacanth) and the world’s biggest marine mammal (the whale)." 

  Prayer for the Whales - Click here

Kruger National Park Map

Quick photos of a Hippo & Croc Boat Cruise 

Click on the thumbnail to open image, Click on photo for "next"and "Previous

indaba2007 055.jpg

  Our GPS Coordinates - Click here

  Whale Watching in South Africa


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We're affiliated and/or registered to the following authorities:

 Elephant Coast Tourism Authority
 KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority
 KZN Wildlife
 SABBWWA – South African Boat Based Whale Watching Association
 South African Maritime Safety Authority


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